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Sullivan Archive

Materials relating to the resignation and reinstatement of President Teresa Sullivan

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About the Archive

The Call: Help Preserve the Historical Record of President Sullivan’s Resignation and Reinstatement


The University of Virginia Library’s Special Collections and Archives recognize that people today and in the future will want to study the historic events taking place in and around the University of Virginia relating to the resignation and reinstatement of President Teresa Sullivan.


The materials will become a permanent part of the University Archives, which is housed in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.


In response to the call for more information sharing and gathering, the Library's University Archives is collecting both physical and digital materials directly related to these events including such things as: signs, posters, and other rally materials; all notes, letters, and materials that students, staff, faculty, and alumni have created; we are also actively collecting materials such as public Facebook events and support groups, Tweets that use hash tags related to the controversy, blogs, photos and videos, published articles from online sources (e.g. The Daily Progress, The Cavalier Daily, The Cville Weekly, The Hook, The Washington Post and many others).


What can you do to help the University Archives preserve U.Va. history? Contact Special Collections to contribute your photos, documents, webpages and other digital material directly to the archives. These materials will be publicly available, so please only add those materials you feel comfortable sharing.


Right now and ongoing. The University Archives has been actively capturing physical and born digital materials since the outset and we are now systematically collecting born digital content as well. We do not yet have an end date for collection because these events continue to evolve.