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Sullivan Archive

Materials relating to the resignation and reinstatement of President Teresa Sullivan

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Sullivan Support Banner from June 24, Rally for Honor

Signatures on Sullivan Support Banner from June 24, Rally for Honor

Photos at Rotunda Rally

The photos are unedited and were taken in chronological order starting about 30 mins before the…


walking in 30332.jpg
Attached are four photos, taken with my smartphone, on Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

The first two…

Virginia V logos

V Sullivan 1.jpg
I created these two Virginia V logos on June 19 and released them on Facebook.

The blue and…

View from West Lawn Colonnade

West Lawn Colonnade walkway at the first Sullivan Rally during the BOV meeting

"Trust me, Helen has things well in hand."

This composite image of the Rotunda burning was put together by my coworker (and fellow UVA alum)…

June 18 2012, The Lawn, University of Virginia

June 18 2012_K Sparenborg.JPG
Faculty, Students, University Community gathering in support of President Teresa Sullivan while the…

June 18 2012, The Lawn at the University of Virginia

June 18 2012_Kirsten SParenborg.JPG
Gathering in support of President Teresa Sullivan while the Board of Visitors meets inside the…


Painted on Beta Bridge, Rugby Rd.

Tired kids after Rally for Honor

Children of alumni Maura Brooks (COMM '97) asleep in their stroller after rallying for Honor on…

Statement from IEN

Director's statement posted on the Institute for Environmental Negotiation's website…

Image of UCARE Homepage

UCARE Homepage.pdf
UCARE's Director Frank Dukes, Director at the Institute for Environmental Negotiation Issued the…